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Katryn Se Geheim


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There are endless cosmetic products available, with endless listed advantages for your skin, but nothing beats mother nature’s natural ability to heal and sooth, moisturize and beautify

As part of the Wonder-Oil Range, this face oil is packed with Vitamin E, filled with anti-aging properties. A moisturizing oil that fades scars and diminishes fine lines

Baobab oil, nourishes and moisturizes skin, while improving the skins elasticity. It contains vitamins E, A, D and F that helps to restore and rejuvenate damaged skin cells. The best of all is Baobab oil is rich in omega fatty acids, which makes our face oil packed with anti-aging properties. Baobab oil also reduces stretch marks, so give the baobab body scrub a try !

These products can be added to any of our BLOM Boxes, Gift Boxes or your Customized Box … Go on indulge a little!